“Larry Rosenthal is a composer of music in every bar of which we can find much to admire.  His exquisite craftsmanship rests on the rock of a rich natural gift and his achievements throughout his long and distinguished career place him firmly among the greatest contributors of his generation.
-- John Williams
“Laurence Rosenthal has always been one of the finest composers active in films.  His detailed knowledge of all facets of music coupled with an unerring dramatic instinct set him apart from the vast majority of composers in the Hollywood musical community.”
-- Jon Burlingame
film music critic, Los Angeles Times
“Laurence Rosenthal’s score for The Miracle Worker . . . is as nearly perfect as possible a welding of sight and sound.”
-- The Hollywood Reporter
“Rosenthal’s music for The Miracle Worker . . . blends lyricism with anguish, underlining the pathos and the compassion for a child living in darkness and silence.”
-- Tony Thomas
“Film Score”
”Rosenthal’s scores are always surprising and imaginative.”
-- Mark Evans
“Soundtrack:  The Music of the Movies”
Rashomon is completely beautiful theater, whose color coalesces with the strangeness and sorcery in the music of Laurence Rosenthal to bewitch the spectator.”    
 --  L’Echo, Brussels
“The Essential List of 101 Great Film Score Milestones . . . recognizes some of the great figures from the recent past:  Laurence Rosenthal . . .
-- John Caps
Film Comment magazine
Laurence Rosenthal